Rez Got Game is a comprehensive game that has the power to improve lives. Suitable for children, family, friends and peers these games inspire good life choices and facilitate opportunity for real conversation and inner empowerment for all peoples.

Rez Got Game is dedicated to creatively producing fun and educational games for kids and adults. To date, we have created four board games (with another four in development) that target children from ages four to 18. The focus of the games is to provide an avenue for children to discuss modern-day issues with adults and peers. Our games will aid in encouraging a child to make his or her choices and facing his or her consequences. Consistently accepting the consequences of their choices will then strengthen their ability to become thoughtful and productive adults that will contribute to society.

In each game, children are presented with real-life situations. Each child is asked to think about the situation, feel empathy for those involved and then make a choice. Our games encourage children to make better choices while having fun and learning about diversity.

Our company is located on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana. We believe that children are our greatest gifts and we all have a responsibility to help them become healthy, contributing voices of the future.

All games are heirloom quality.

Each game is creatively silk-screened on tipi canvas and comes with its own unique playing pieces, which include naturally polished stones and antiqued synthetic bones.